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In today’s digital era, having an online presence is not just a luxury; it is an absolute necessity for local businesses. With over 90% of consumers turning to Google to find products and services in their area, a well-optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing could be the difference between being discovered or remaining invisible.

However, with the daily demands of running a business, many owners struggle to fully leverage this powerful tool. That’s where the expertise of a Google My Business agency becomes an invaluable asset. By delegating the management of your Google My Business listing to experts, you not only free up valuable time to focus on growing your business, but you also ensure a standout presence on Google, increasing your visibility and attracting more local customers.

What are the key benefits of Google My Business for local businesses?

  • Increase my visibility: Ensures your business appears in local search results and on Google Maps, essential for capturing the attention of customers in your area.
  • More accessible information: Makes it easier for customers to find crucial information about your business, increasing visits and inquiries.

  • Improve customer interaction: Allows direct dialogue through reviews and questions, strengthening your bond with the local community and enhancing your online image.

Why does your profile need a Google My Business agency?

Optimizing your Google My Business is an ongoing task that requires a deep understanding of local SEO best practices. Agencies like Vilit Latam not only set up your profile but also offer a combination of experience, technical knowledge, and dedicated strategies that can maximize your business’s visibility and performance online, especially in Google’s local search results. Additionally, they keep your profile constantly updated and optimized, helping you stand out from the competition.

Discover the benefits of hiring a Google My Business agency

Hiring a specialized Google My Business Agency offers a range of key benefits that can make a significant difference in your company's performance in the digital environment. These benefits translate into increased visibility, better online reputation, and ultimately, an increase in sales. Below are some of the most significant benefits:

Specific expertise:

We know exactly the actions and strategies needed to make your business stand out in Google's local search results.

Personalized approach:

Every business is unique. We tailor our strategies to meet your specific goals, whether it's increasing calls to a business, driving visits to a physical store, or improving online sales.

Time and resource savings:

Delegating the management of your Google My Business profile to experts allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your company's online presence is in professional hands.

How to choose the right Google My Business agency?

Choosing the right agency to manage your Google My Business profile is crucial. Consider these factors and ask some key questions to make an informed decision:

  • Previous experience: Check their track record with businesses similar to yours.
  • Local knowledge: It’s essential that they understand your market and audience.
  • Optimization strategies: Ask how they will specifically improve your Google My Business profile.
  • Communication and reporting: They should provide clear reports and maintain smooth communication.

Essential questions to consider when evaluating a Google My Business agency

  • Do they have success stories with other clients?
  • How do they adapt to changes in Google’s algorithms?
  • How will they measure the success of my Google My Business profile?
  • What do they need from my business to get started?
  • How do they handle negative reviews?
  • Do they include other digital marketing services?
  • What is their pricing structure?

Why choose us as your Google My Business agency?

What do our services include?

With our service, your business will have:

  • Listing Optimization: Enhances the visibility and appeal of your profile, ensuring that your business is prominently displayed in relevant searches. This optimization is designed to immediately capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Google My Business Posts: Strategic creation and management of posts to keep your customers informed about the latest news, special offers, and events, strengthening commitment and loyalty to your brand.
  • Products and Services Management: We update and highlight what your business offers, focusing on promoting those aspects that generate the most interest and demand among your customers.
  • Photo/Video Posting: We select and publish visual content that best represents and promotes your business, significantly enhancing the visual appeal of your profile and capturing the essence of your brand.
  • Monthly Statistical Reports: We provide detailed reports offering insights into the performance of your profile, helping you better understand the scope of your online visibility and to plan future strategies with concrete data.
  • Business Hours Update: We ensure that your business hours are always up to date, avoiding any confusion for your customers and improving their overall experience.
  • Review Management and Creation: We actively encourage the generation of positive reviews and proactively manage all reviews to improve and maintain a solid and trustworthy online reputation.
  • Questions/Answers Management: We ensure that all questions received through your profile are answered in a timely and accurate manner, improving interaction with your customers and the perception of your business.


Let us help you achieve Local Success!

Don't wait any longer and join the thousands of businesses that have already boosted their online business with our agency specialized in Google My Business and Local SEO.

Google My Business Management
Our Google My Business management service offers you a solution to generate greater visibility and more business from your Google Business Profile.
Success Stories

Let the statistics speak: Our results in action

We present a set of real statistics from one of our clients. These numbers demonstrate the tangible success we have achieved through our strategies, boosting key metrics such as increased searches, improved profile views, and heightened user interactions. These figures represent the growth and success that our personalized approach can bring to your business.


What happens once we manage your company's Google My Business profile?

We want you to know exactly what to expect in the coming months. While we create personalized strategies for each business, we have helped many businesses succeed by following this timeline.

Month 1
Initial Setup and Optimization


  • Establish a solid foundation for your Google My Business profile, enhancing initial visibility.


  • Profile Review and Optimization: Complete and optimize all aspects of the Google My Business profile, including business information, categories, services, and adding high-quality images.
  • Google My Business Monitoring Tools Setup: Leverage tools available within Google My Business for tracking and analyzing profile performance, such as statistics on views, searches, and user actions.
Month 2
Content Development and Engagement


  • Enrich the Google My Business profile with relevant content and improve customer engagement.


  • Regular Content Posting: Create and schedule weekly posts, such as special offers, events, or news, to keep the profile active and attractive.
  • Reviews and Questions Management: Establish a system to respond promptly to all reviews and questions, enhancing the business's positive image.
Month 3
Review Strategy and Continuous Engagement


  • Intensify the acquisition of positive reviews and maintain a high level of commitment.


  • Review Acquisition Strategies Boost: Develop and execute tactics to encourage customers to leave positive reviews, such as post-service reminders or incentives.
  • Active Monitoring and Profile Management: Continue with fresh content publishing and proactive interaction management to keep the profile up-to-date and relevant.
Month 4
Maintenance and Advanced Optimization


  • Ensure continuous profile updates and explore areas for improvement based on feedback and performance.


  • Strategy Evaluation and Adjustments: Analyze profile performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and making strategic adjustments to further optimize online presence.
  • Information and Content Updates: Regularly review and update business information, services, and make posts that reflect any changes or news.
Month 5 and beyond
Sustained Growth and Dynamic Strategies


  • Continue with profile optimization and adaptation for sustained growth.


  • Content and Offers Innovation: Generate creative ideas for posts and offers that capture attention and encourage interaction.
  • Continuous Analysis and Adjustments: Use customer feedback and performance analysis to iterate and constantly improve the GMB strategy, ensuring that the profile remains dynamic and effective.

How to start with our Google My Business management service?

Follow these steps to boost your online presence and start attracting, acquiring, and retaining new customers with our Google My Business management service.

1. Decide and Connect:

First, make the important decision to boost your online presence by choosing Vilit Latam, your reliable partner with our Google My Business management service. Then, start a live chat for personalized guidance. We'll discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.

2. Activate Your Subscription:

In the live chat, you will share key details about your business. This information allows us to develop a strategic plan to customize your content plan, based on thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, and content optimization.

3. Customization and Strategy:

Once we've presented our work plan and with your approval, we will formalize our partnership by activating your subscription through PayPal. This act begins our onboarding process, marking the beginning of a successful collaboration. During this period, you will enjoy the exclusive support of a project manager, who will be your main point of contact. They will keep you updated at every stage, providing personalized assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? We've got the answers!

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is a free tool created by Google that allows businesses to display crucial information such as location, hours of operation, and reviews directly in search results and on Google Maps, making it easier for businesses to stand out in local search.
What type of contract do you use?
 Actually, we don’t use any kind of contract with our clients. Our services are provided on a monthly basis and can be canceled at any time without penalty. We believe in the importance of building long-term relationships with our clients and trust that our services will exceed their expectations.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, it’s not necessary to remain subscribed to this service for a set period of time; however, to truly benefit from this service, we strongly recommend a minimum commitment of 3 months.
If I cancel, will all the work that has been done be reverted?
No, we do not revert our efforts if you decide to cancel. We also won’t lock you out of your accounts when you cancel. We prefer that business owners remain the primary owners of their Google My Business - Google Maps listing and add us as another manager.
Do you offer a White Label Google My Business management service?

Yes, we offer a complete White Label Google My Business management service. This service is designed for agencies looking to expand their offering without needing to increase their internal resources. We specialize in enhancing the online visibility of their clients, from optimization to managing Google My Business, allowing agencies to focus on other areas of their business while ensuring high-quality results for their clients.

What is the price of your Google My Business management services?

The monthly cost for our services is $99 USD/month. We want to ensure we offer a fair and accessible price to help our clients improve their online presence and attract more potential customers.


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