Maximize your clients' local visibility with our white label local SEO reseller service

In today’s complex digital marketing landscape, an agency’s ability to offer specialized local SEO services represents a decisive factor for their clients’ success. Faced with this challenge, white label local SEO reseller service emerge as an indispensable strategic solution. They allow agencies to expand their service portfolio and meet their clients’ online visibility demands, without the need to invest in additional resources or expand their internal team. This approach not only optimizes agency resources but also ensures that their clients achieve prominent positions in local search results, a critical need in the digital age. By adopting our white label local SEO reseller service, your agency can focus on strengthening client relationships and expanding its business, while we take care of the complex challenges of local SEO.

What is being a White Label Local SEO Reseller?

White labeling simply means offering services under your brand that another company produces. So, white label local SEO reseller service (also known as SEO reselling or private label SEO) simply means that your agency sells or offers Local SEO service to your clients under your brand, however, all the work is carried out by Vilit Latam; an agency specializing in Google My Business and Local SEO.

Benefits of being a White Label Local SEO Reseller

In a constantly evolving digital market, digital marketing agencies face the challenge of keeping up with their clients' demands while efficiently managing their resources. This is where White Label Local SEO services become a strategic solution, offering a series of indispensable advantages.

Expansion of service offerings

White Label Local SEO services empower agencies to enrich their portfolio of services without the need to develop new skills internally or hire additional staff. This means they can effectively respond to the growing demand for local SEO strategies, offering their clients expert solutions that enhance their online visibility in geolocated searches, without incurring the high costs involved in building and maintaining a specialized team from scratch.

Cost optimization outsourcing

Local SEO through white label local SEO services is a quintessential cost-efficiency tactic. It allows agencies to access a team of local SEO experts and advanced technologies without the direct financial investment this would require. This approach not only reduces operational expenses but also enables agencies to offer competitive prices, improving their market position while maintaining or even increasing their profit margins.

Focus on core business

By delegating local SEO to a specialized provider, agencies free up valuable resources that can be better used in areas where they truly excel, such as developing creative strategies, managing client relationships, and expanding their business. This focus on core competencies not only optimizes operational efficiency but also drives innovation and growth, allowing agencies to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

How to choose the most suitable local SEO service?

When searching for the right local SEO services for your agency, it’s vital to select a partner who not only understands the complexities of local SEO but also aligns perfectly with your clients’ needs and objectives. Here, we offer a concise guide to making this crucial decision:

  • Prioritize clear communication: A local SEO partner should be an exceptional communicator, offering total transparency through detailed reports and periodic analyses that clarify the return on investment and progress toward established goals.
  • Seek customized strategies: Avoid one-size-fits-all approaches. Each client has unique needs, making it crucial for the local SEO provider to offer customized strategies that align with the specific goals of their clients.
  • Evaluate the tools and technologies used: A good provider must be equipped with the latest tools and technologies for keyword research, competitive analysis, and performance tracking, ensuring data-driven strategies and informed decisions.
  • Consider flexibility and scalability: Choose a provider that can adapt to your agency’s growth and the changing needs of your clients. The flexibility to adjust SEO strategies in response to market trends is essential.
  • Alignment with business objectives: It is crucial that your local SEO provider understands how their services integrate into the broader business objectives of your clients. This alignment ensures that local SEO strategies drive overall business growth.
  • Value for money: Finally, evaluate the pricing structure to ensure a cost-effective investment. Remember, the goal is to find a balance between cost and value; cheaper services do not always mean better value in the long term.

Why choose our White Label Local SEO Services?

Significant results improvement

We enhance the online visibility of your clients through effective local SEO strategies and Google My Business management, offering a clear competitive advantage in the market.

Agile onboarding process

Our streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free transition for your clients, from understanding their specific needs to activating customized strategies in record time.

Efficient business scalability

We facilitate the expansion of your client portfolio and business without increasing your operational burden, allowing you to focus on growth while we take care of the execution and detailed management.

What to expect from our service as a White Label Local SEO Reseller?

By choosing our white label local SEO service, your agency will gain a specialized and comprehensive solution to boost your clients' local digital presence. Our six-month Work Plan is carefully designed to deliver tangible improvements in local search rankings, ensuring that your clients stand out in their area. With month-to-month strategies, clear objectives, and specific activities, we focus on increasing local visibility and strengthening your clients' relationships with their audience. This meticulous and systematic approach promises continuous improvement, highlighting the added value and competitiveness that our service brings to your agency.

Month 1
Foundations and Initial Setup
  • Assess current online presence and establish a baseline.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and relevant keywords.
  • Set up essential tools for monitoring and analysis.
  • Initial Analysis and SEO Audit: Comprehensive review of your website and Google My Business profile to identify technical, content, and optimization issues.
  • Keyword and Competition Research: Utilizing SEO tools to identify target keywords and analyze competitors' strategies.
  • Optimization of Google My Business: Updating or creating the GMB profile, ensuring all information is complete and optimized.
  • Setup of Monitoring Tools: Installation and configuration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console for tracking site performance.
Month 2
On-Site Optimization and Reviews Strategy


  • Improve the website's technical infrastructure for SEO.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of online reviews.


  • Website Technical Optimization: Implementation of improvements for loading speed, responsive design, and security.
  • On-Page Optimization: Adjustment of on-page elements, including titles, meta descriptions, and website structure based on keyword research.
  • Review Management: Creation of a system to ethically and effectively request and respond to customer reviews.
Month 3
Content Plan Kickoff
  • Develop and publish original and relevant content that attracts the target audience.
  • Optimize existing content.
  • Start of the Content Plan: Development and publication of relevant content on the website and GMB focused on the identified keywords and topics relevant to the local audience.
Month 4
Content Development and Local Citations


  • Continue with the development of focused and valuable content.
  • Improve local visibility through citation building.


  • Continuation of the Content Plan: Regular publication of relevant content on the website and Google My Business.
  • Building Citations in Local Directories: Registration and optimization in important local directories to build local authority.
Month 5
Link Building and Ongoing Optimization
  • Continue optimizing content based on data analysis.
  • Begin link-building to improve site authority.
  • Ongoing Content Optimization: Analysis and adjustment of content based on performance and audience feedback.
  • Start of Link-Building Strategy: Identification and execution of opportunities to obtain quality inbound links.
Month 6 and Beyond
Results Evaluation and Strategic Adjustments
  • Assess the impact of implemented strategies.
  • Adjust the plan based on results for ongoing optimization.
  • Expand link-building tactics to increase authority.
  • Performance Evaluation: Detailed analysis of progress using the configured monitoring tools.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Making strategic changes to improve performance based on analysis.
  • Expansion of Link Building Strategy: Continuation and diversification of efforts to acquire quality links and improve site authority.
  • Future Planning: Discussion of long-term strategies and actions to maintain and improve Google positioning.


Below is the value of our white label Local SEO services. Remember, you have the freedom to set the prices you consider appropriate for your business.

White Label Local SEO on GMB + Website
Our white label Local SEO service includes:
Website SEO.
Daily backups (WordPress only).
Website audit.
Complete profile optimization and management.
Content creation and optimization.
Dedicated account manager.
Weekly GMB posts.
Strategy review and management.
Competition analysis.
Expert strategic advice.
Monthly reports.
Google My Business Management
Our service includes:
Complete profile optimization and management.
Dedicated account manager.
Weekly GMB posts.
Strategy review and management.
Competition analysis.
Expert strategic advice.
Monthly reports.
Activate Your Subscription in 3 Steps

How to start being a White Label Local SEO Reseller?

o facilitate your integration into our white label Local SEO services and ensure a seamless transition, we have established a clear and efficient collaborative process that spans from the initial decision to the implementation of customized strategies.

1. Decide and Connect

The first stage is to make the decision to select Vilit Latam as your trusted partner in white label Local SEO services. Begin this process by connecting with us through live chat for personalized guidance. We commit not only to providing exceptional white label services but also to ensuring your complete satisfaction and optimal results. In this initial phase, we will discuss your business objectives and explore how we can work together to achieve them.

2. Activate Your Subscription

By choosing us as your partner, you will proceed to activate your subscription via PayPal, marking the start of our onboarding process and the beginning of a productive collaboration. During this initial period, you will have the dedicated support of a project manager, who will serve as your main point of contact, offering personalized assistance and ensuring an effective onboarding.

3. Customization and Strategy

It is essential to complete our onboarding form, providing key details about your business. This information allows us to create a tailored white label strategy, optimize your website, and develop a strategic plan that incorporates comprehensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and content optimization. Our focus is on generating a prominent online presence and achieving tangible results, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions about white label Local SEO

We answer all your questions to ensure clarity and confidence in our services, from how we maintain the confidentiality of our white label Local SEO service to details about the reporting process and costs.

Who is our white label Local SEO service aimed at?

These services are specially designed for digital marketing agencies and independent professionals looking to expand their service portfolio and offer comprehensive and effective solutions to their clients.

What information will you need from my clients?

We require basic details about the client's company, including their industry, SEO goals, and any brand material that can assist in customizing the service.

How do you maintain the confidentiality of the white label Local SEO services?

We operate in total discretion under your brand, ensuring that all reports and communications appear to come directly from your company.

Do you provide progress reports?

Yes, we provide detailed monthly reports under your brand, allowing you to keep your clients informed about progress and results.


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